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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

lets talk hair...

Shall we? 

I have had a lot of questions about hair products and tools.

I use mostly Redken & Kenra in my salon...


  I love to try new products.

{Disclaimer : I am a licensed cosmetologist & these are only my personal opinions and suggestions.}

lets begin: 

{shampoo & conditioner}

I use Redken Real Control at home for my hair. 
This is nourishing shampoo for dense, dry, sensitized hair.


For my Blonde clients I recommend & LOVE:

Smells AHHHMAAZING! {grapefruit extracts}
&revives hair for a bright, sparkling, shiny finish

a great once a week deep conditioner I recommend:

Provides intense smoothing, long-lasting conditioning, nourishment and control.

After shampooing your hair, apply a quarter size amount to hair and comb through. You can leave it on 10-15 mins or until done shaving. Your hair will honestly feel like BUTTER. It's awesome.


For blondes that start getting brassy, I love this purple based deep conditioner. You can also use this once a week or as needed.

After shampooing apply and leave in 3-5 mins.

Styling products:

Before I comb hair I ALWAYS spray damp hair with pravana intense therapy.
{Think no more tears for adults!}

Redken Align: Protective straightening lotion

Apply to damp hair and blow-dry straight. Follow with a flat-iron.
This also smells great!


I also Love Kenra Blow dry spray:

Helps reduce blow dry time & protects from heat.
{smells like coconuts!}


For root lift


aquage uplifting foam

For maximum volume, apply to towel dried hair section by section, lifting each section as you go. Blow dry with round brush.



Kenra Silkening Gloss:

After I have straigtend a clients hair, I apply ONE pump to my hands and work form midstrand to ends. Then to smooth fly aways.

I also like to seperate curls with this, adds shine without getting frizzy.
Smells like Lip Smakers chapstick :]



My favorite
 {from my Miss FL days}


Dry Shampoo

Hands down the BEST dry shampoo I have ever used.
I have tried almost all of them {even the ones from drugstores}

NOTE: Shake well between each spray. Spray throughout dry hair to absorb excess oils. Let sit for a minute. Then use comb or fingers to brake up any powder.


So that is a few of my favorite hair products. 

I would love to hear what your favorites are!

 Do you use any of these at home?

Any product that you recommend?

photos from, and google.



  1. I really ought to try more Redken products. I have loved the few that I have tried!

  2. Going to have to try the Redken shampoo/conditioner and Perfect platinum! My hair has not been staying as blonde as it should between appointments. Thanks for the suggestions!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I use Kenra hairspray and I love it! I need to try that Redken blonde shampoo and the Kenra dry shampoo :)

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I love Kenra! I recently bought Joico shampoo and conditioner but I am not crazy about it at all. Do you have any suggestions for creating curls? I have long thick hair and can't seem to keep my curls holding.

  5. I use to use the Align 12 and love, love, loved it! It worked so well and smelled SO good! I'm going to have to try out the Butter Treat! I'm always looking for products to make my hair softer!

  6. I adore Aquage Uplifting foam and the Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. I have sort of fine, VERY straight hair and this stuff allows me to have some omph and bend to my hair.
    As I do a lot of heat styling, I use Paul Mitchell Strength Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair stays super soft.

  7. I have really curly hair that gets frizzy with the slightest moisture, and of course I prefer it straight! I SWEAR by KMS FlatOut Humidity spray..its a hairpray type with a purple cap, its amazing, I can actually wear straight hair in the summer!

  8. I love Redkin Guts 10! It's pretty amazing!

  9. OOooh, love posts like this full of haircare tips ( and from a hairdresser too, its fab). BTW its too cool you were in Miss Florida - do a post do a post!!


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