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Saturday, October 4, 2014

30 things before 30

We all say we have things we want to do in life. 
How many times have we actually completed these tasks?
 I love reading other peoples bucket lists and decided it was time to make one for myself.

Here is a list of things I would like to  will  do before I'm 30.
Countdown begins now...

1.  Go paddle boarding
2.  Travel to Europe 
3.  Open another A Cut Above Boutique
4.  Learn to bake + cook  [ oh boy ]
5.  Do something newsworthy
 6. Visit a fortune teller
7.  Enjoy a hot air balloon ride
8.  Run a marathon [okay, I'll settle for a half]
9.  Attend the Derby with a large hat
10. Kayak in the ocean
11. Fly with my husband as pilot
12. Be an extra in a film
13. Learn to sail
14. Whale watch
15. Watch the gators win the SEC championships
16. Go to the airport with no preconceived idea where to go and board a plane
17. Hot air balloon ride
18. Sleep under the stars
19. Ballroom dancing with my husband
20. Deep sea fishing
21. Camp with Mason
22. Take a 14 day cruise
23. Host Thanksgiving
24. Make wine. 
25. Donate A Cut Above Btq Clothing to a charity
26. Go Zip-lining 
27. Do something epic
28. Spend 48 hours with no phone, no internet or 
29. Adopt another Family for Christmas
30. Add another human to our family


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